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Mission Trip 2017


In August 2017, we went on our first mission trip to Zarqa, Jordan, where we are sponsoring 55 children to get food, education, medical attention, and improved living conditions. Our trip to Jordan was not only eye opening to the conditions many people live in, but also incredibly inspiring to see the love and joy in these children and their families. 


For the first few days of our trip, we went to the childrens' homes to see where and how they live. We walked through dirt roads and went from house to house, where we saw struggling families. Most of the houses did not have electricity, and the houses were filled with family members who have illnesses that they are unable to treat.

After seeing the conditions the children live in, we were happy to be able to provide them with support at the Family Guidance Center. We have a bus system that picks the children up from their neighborhoods and bring them to the center every day where they are provided with two meals a day, schooling in English, Math, and the older ones for Information Technology to help them get a head start on their careers.

Mission Gallery

PSUT 2017

PSUT Meeting_edited.jpg

A huge component of Rommy's Charitable Organization is the importance of helping children receive an education. In addition to providing classes for the younger children, one of our projects includes helping sponsor students complete their higher education. We met with the heads of Princess Sumaya Institute for Technology, where we will be providing financial support for select students to help them finish their degrees.

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