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Student Graduation


Part of our original mission was to ensure students could finish their higher education and graduate with their degrees. This past mission trip, we flew to Jordan to see one of our students graduate from Princess Sumaya University of Technology with a degree in Computer Science. We had the pleasure of seeing him walk across the stage as the top student in his class, and we have stayed in touch with him since. 

Interviewing our Children


This year, we really wanted to focus on the childrens' individual stories. Each child comes from a different circumstance, and we took some time to talk about how they got to Jordan, what their family situation has been, and some of the things they are going through so that we could address how we can best help each child the way he or she needs. It was a very emotional few hours, but it was crucial to understanding each child, and what we as an organization can do to help them move forward in their lives. 

Mission Gallery

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