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Kids of RCO

We sponsor 110 Syrian and Jordanian orphans and refugee children living in Zarqa, Jordan. The children come from difficult situations as many of them have lost their families, homes, and even their country as a result of the war in Syria. Our mission is to help each of these children in ways that they need for physical and emotional growth, so that they can live meaningful lives. 

The three main goals of our project are as follows: ​


1. Provide the children with necessities such as food, medical treatment, clothes, and school materials.

2. Support a suitable safe space for the children where educational and recreational activities will be provided in a supervised environment that promotes healthy psychosocial growth and allow for identification of need-based intervention and follow-ups.​

3. Cooperate with government and non-government organizations in the field of social work in order to coordinate efforts addressed to social and psychosocial problems and improve community welfare. 

​Our project supports the children with healthy meals, health care, school materials, clothing, etc, and children between the ages of 6 and 16 will be provided with classes in English, Math, and IT.  Additionally, we provide the children with safety, structure, and support, and we mobilize the community through involving the families and administering awareness sessions on children's rights, dialogue, and problem-solving techniques to address issues faced by the children and their families. 

Kids Gallery

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