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Our Story

Suzan Abdo M.D, Mother (right) 

Lena Warrak, Sister (left) 

Rommy Warrak, our beloved son and brother, passed away on August 19, 2016 in a motor vehicle accident. We miss him dearly, but in the midst of this tragedy, we are seeking to bring light to the world by establishing Rommy’s Charitable Organization in his honor.  

As Rommy's mother and sister, we thought the best way to keep him alive is through a charity for his love of children. Rommy never had a chance to finish his higher education, so we'd love to give underprivileged children the opportunity to get through their education and lead a bright future. Rommy's current education funds and upcoming donations will go towards helping those children first be in comfortable and safe environments, and then to push them forward to get the education they deserve.


This organization was launched on what would have been Rommy's 23rd birthday, December 6th, 2016, which was also our first birthday without him. Although it has been a tough journey, we know Rommy is sending us his smiles and cheering us on as we continue his legacy by helping underprivileged children in any way we can.

Thank you to everyone who is believing in and supporting our mission by providing donations, volunteering, and spreading the word about RCO to help keep Rommy's legacy alive. 

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